What to wear in a sauna
What to wear in a sauna: Complete guideline


This comprehensive guide to what to wear in a sauna? It will be discussed in detail. We’ll delve into the world of sauna attire, exploring the essential clothing choices for a comfortable and enjoyable sauna session. Whether you’re a seasoned sauna-goer or new to the experience, knowing what to wear can significantly enhance your relaxation and overall well-being. Let’s explore the ins and outs of sauna attire together.

What is Sauna?

You must first comprehend the nature of a sauna before delving into the topic of sauna attire. Saunas, which have their roots in Finland, are essentially just small rooms or buildings heated to either dry or wet heat, and its main uses are to help people relax, cleanse their bodies, and feel better generally. In order to achieve their therapeutic effects, saunas use heat generation to elevate core body temperature, which in turn triggers perspiration.

What to Wear in a Sauna for Women

wear in a sauna

For women’s comfort and safety, it is vital to choose the correct sauna clothing. Swimwear or a loose-fitting cotton dress are good choices because they are airy and lightweight. Stay away from synthetics and bulky textiles; they will only serve to retain heat and prevent perspiration from escaping. Also, remember to bring two towels: one for sitting on and another to wipe off any sweat that may occur throughout the session. Another way to keep your hair and scalp safe from heat damage is to wear a cotton towel or headband.

What to Wear in a Sauna for Men

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Similar to women, men should opt for lightweight and breathable clothing in the sauna. Consider wearing swim trunks or loose-fitting shorts along with a cotton t-shirt. Avoid wearing heavy fabrics or tight-fitting clothing that can restrict movement and airflow. Bringing along a towel to sit on and another to wipe off sweat is also advisable. Remember to protect the head with a cotton towel or a headband to prevent overheating.

Why Important to Dress Right for a Sauna Bath

Putting on the right clothes for a sauna bath is crucial for a number of reasons. Before anything else, make sure you’re wearing sauna-appropriate clothing so you can unwind and enjoy your session to the most. Second, to avoid overheating, it’s a good idea to wear clothing that let sweat drain. The correct apparel also prevents dirt and grime from seeping into the sauna’s benches and floors by absorbing sweat.

What to avoid wearing in the sauna

While it’s important to dress appropriately for the sauna, there are several things you should never wear there. Denim and wool are heavy and might cause discomfort due to their ability to trap heat. Just as wearing baggy clothes makes it harder for sweat to evaporate from the body, wearing loose clothing makes it harder to enjoy a sauna session. Because metals can burn easily in a sauna, it is recommended that you remove any jewellery before entering the sauna.

Thoughts on Hygiene During a Sauna Bath

Taking a sauna bath requires utmost cleanliness. To ensure that your skin is clean and free of oils, dirt, and skincare products, take a shower before stepping into the sauna. By separating your body from the sauna bench, a towel can help you stay clean while you sit on it. To further limit the transmission of germs, wash your hands before touching your face and body. It is recommended to take a cold shower after a sauna session to remove the sweat and any toxins that may have been generated.

Sauna Accessories

People have loved saunas for hundreds of years because they are healing and help people relax. Getting the right sauna equipment is very important if you want to enjoy your time in the sauna more. Here is a complete list of all the best sauna items that can make your sessions more enjoyable, ranging from useful must-haves to fancy extras:

Sauna bucket and ladle: These are used to pour water over the hot stones to make steam, which raises the temperature and humidity in the sauna.

Sauna Backrests and Headrests: Provide support and comfort while sitting or lying in the sauna, allowing you to relax more comfortably.

Lighting for Saunas: LED lights made for saunas can make the space feel more relaxed and make it easier to see inside.

Aromatherapy in the sauna: To make the sauna smell nice and help you rest, essential oils or sauna scents can be mixed with the water in the bucket.

Sauna Audio System: Speakers and audio systems made for saunas that are waterproof let you listen to music, podcasts, or guided exercises while you relax in the sauna.

Cushions for Sauna Seats: Cushions made just for sauna seats make longer sauna sessions more comfortable.

Towels for the sauna: Towels made for saunas that are of good quality and soft are needed to wipe off sweat and to sit or lie down on in the sauna.

With these extras, you can make your sauna experience exactly how you want it to be, so you can rest and enjoy your time there.

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1.Is sauna acceptable to wear makeup?

The best way to keep your pores clear and your body’s natural sweating process unimpeded is to not wear makeup when you’re in the sauna.

2. When using a sauna, is it necessary to bring water?

It’s better to drink water before and after a sauna session instead than bringing water into the sauna itself, even if staying hydrated is crucial.

3. How many minutes is the recommended sauna session?

Most people can tolerate sauna treatments for 10–20 minutes, however everyone is different. When in the sauna, pay attention to your body; if you start to feel dizzy or uneasy, get out. 

4. Can I wear a swimsuit in the sauna?

Yes, wearing a swimsuit is a common practice in many saunas, providing modesty and comfort during the session.

5. Is it safe to use a sauna while pregnant?

Pregnant women should consult with their healthcare provider before using a sauna, as high temperatures can pose risks to foetal development.


Selecting the appropriate attire for a sauna session is crucial for maximising comfort, safety, and hygiene. This article explained “what to wear in a sauna” and how does it work.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the best way to enjoy a sauna is to wear light, flexible clothes and avoid heavy fabrics. Remember to keep yourself clean by taking a shower before and after the lesson and not using any skin care or makeup. So, If you dress right for the sauna, you can get the most out of this ancient exercise that is good for your health. 

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