10 Yin Yoga Poses:The Ultimate Guide  for the beginner

Yin Yoga Poses

Yin yoga poses are a special way to relax, let go of stress, and take care of your body, mind, and spirit. Slow, deliberate stretching, being still, and mindful breathing are all parts of a whole-person health experience. We’ll look at a number of yin yoga poses in this guide that will not only make […]

10 yin Yoga for Back Pain: How to Use Yoga to Relieve Back Pain

yin Yoga for Back Pain

Back pain is very common which affects our daily life and overall health. This can be caused by bad posture, muscle problems or stress. Looking for a natural way to deal with pain that works just as well as painkillers?  the most effective posture yin yoga for back pain. Yin yoga is a gentle but […]