Full Moon Yoga
Full Moon Yoga: Benefits, Poses, Meditation You Must Know

Full Moon Yoga is a whole-person approach to health that combines the healing principles of yoga with the strong energy of the full moon. People do this because they think that the full moon has a special force that can make our lives better in physical, mental, and spiritual ways. We can connect with this cosmic energy and feel more connected to the world if we time our yoga practise with the phases of the moon. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of Full Moon Yoga, its benefits, and how you can incorporate this mystical practice into your wellness routine.

What is full moon yoga?

Full moon yoga is a unique practice where you do yoga while the full moon is shining brightly overhead. As people use the changing energy of the Moonlight practice, this cosmic alignment adds an extra layer of power and meaning. Full moon yoga tries to balance the energy of the body with the energy of the moon. This comes from ancient practices and the cyclical nature of the moon.

When doing yoga, doing it under a full moon is believed to increase the energy of the practice and help people connect more with themselves and the world. Purnima Yoga reminds people that life moves in cycles and encourages them to welcome change and release stuck energy.

What Energy Does The Full Moon Transmit?

Let’s start with myths to get a sense of the full moon’s energy. Myths and legends from many societies surround the full moon, giving its bright light different meanings and energies. In Greek folklore, Artemis, the goddess of the moon, is often linked to safety, femininity, and the way life goes in cycles.

In the same way, the full moon is linked to Chandra, the lunar god, in Hindu folklore. People see Chandra as a representation of beauty, peace, and the mind. People believe that the full moon sends forces related to spirituality, intuition, and feelings.

How to Do Yoga Under the Full Moon

Picking the Right Place: Pick a peaceful outdoor spot where you can practise under the stars and enjoy the moonlight. It can be a beach, a park, or any open area with a good view of the moon.

Mindful Preparation: Start by meditating for a short time to calm down and make good wishes for the practise. You might want to add moon salutations, a sequence that is meant to match the stages of the moon.

Changes to Asanas: Make your yoga routine fit the full moon’s energy.  Some of the best poses for health are Warrior II, Tree Pose, and Camel Pose.

Moon-looking Meditation: Look at the full moon while sitting or lying down, and let its energy wrap around you. This meditation can help you feel more connected to the forces of the stars.

Full Moon Yoga Poses

Moon yoga

Goddess Pose

Utkata Konasana, also called Goddess Pose, you can feel the power and beauty of the goddess.  As you hold this pose, picture a full moon rising over you. Its strong feminine energy can help you love yourself and feel strong.

Half Moon Pose

It makes your core and legs stronger and tests your balance. As you reach up with one leg, picture yourself using the full moon’s energy to help you grow.

Crescent Lunge

This pose, which is a mix of power and surrender, will take your practise to the next level. As you raise your arms above your head, picture the moon’s light filling you with good energy.

Moon Flower Pose

Get into a deep squat and place your hands at the centre of your heart. Then, move through a gentle flow, letting the energy of the moon guide your steps.

Child’s Pose

Connect Child’s Pose with the moon’s caring energy. This healing pose gives you a moment to think about yourself and let go. As you bow forward, picture letting go of any stress or bad feelings and letting the moon’s energy wrap around you in a gentle hug.

Moonbeam Warrior Pose

Take the basic Warrior Pose to a higher level by adding the moon’s energy to it. Moonbeam Warrior Pose makes you stronger and more balanced while also making you feel graceful and flowing. As you do these steps, picture moonbeams surrounding you and giving you a safe and soothing aura.

Luminous Camel Pose

Camel Pose, open your heart and feel the shine of the full moon. This backbend opens the heart and supports being vulnerable and expressing yourself. As you arch your back and reach for your heels, picture the moonlight filling your heart with love and kindness.

Cycle exercise

While keeping one foot off the ground, enjoy the flow of your movements, like the moon’s effect on the waves.

Full moon yoga benefits

Full moon yoga

Better Sleep: It is known that the full moon’s gravity can change the way people sleep. Yoga under the full moon can help you sleep better by making you feel calm and relaxed. When you mix the meditative parts of yoga with the calming effect of the moon, you have the perfect conditions for a good night’s sleep.

Better Energy run: Yoga, which focuses on breath and movement, is meant to make the body’s energy run more . In full moon yoga, the force of the full moon is used to make the practise even better. It is believed that the energy of the moon can boost the benefits of yoga, making you feel healthier and more alive.

Stress Relief and Emotional Healing: Yoga is known for its ability to help people deal with stress. These benefits are stronger when done during a full moon. Moonlight and focused yoga poses together create a peaceful atmosphere that is very good for healing emotions. Many people who do full moon yoga say that it makes them feel calm and helps them let go of their feelings.

Increased Awareness: People who do yoga during the full moon often feel more aware, which makes the link between the mind and body stronger. This increased awareness can be used outside of yoga, making everyday life better.

Enhanced Creativity: For a long time, the full moon has been linked to motivation and creativity. Yoga during the full moon gives people a way to connect with their artistic sides.
Intuition and Spiritual Connection: For many, the full moon is a sign of spiritual light. When the moon is full, yoga gives people a chance to discover their spiritual connection and intuition.

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Full Moon Yoga is a unique way to improve your health in every way. It combines ancient knowledge with energy from the stars. By committing to this mysterious practise, people can deepen their spiritual link, keep their energy in balance, and feel calm. So, the next time there is a full moon at night, you might want to get on your mat and let the magic of Full Moon Yoga take you on a trip of self-discovery and renewal.

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